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SCARY samples

SCARY samples

Just as Garageband and an iPad can turn the average 10 year old into a musical genius– “Honey look!  Little Jimmy has recorded a full length pop album without even playing any instruments!”-some of the samples and programs that are available to professional composers and musicians today are pretty astonishing.

There are silly ones that can require the time to try and re-create the sound of a lo-fi punk guitar in a basement (when you could just actually record a lo-fi punk guitar in a basement), and there are eerily realistic ones that can give you a full on symphony at your fingertips.  I’ve been using East West orchestral samples for a while now, but some of the sounds contain such realistic tones that it can really weird me out sometimes.  And this is coming from a guy who plays a real instrument in a real life orchestra (that’s right kids, there are still a few left).

No, this is not a sketch from a quartet I’m composing and it’s in no way related to Skynet or the Terminator.  Though I had a funny image of robots trying to play in a string quartet (until one of them destroyed the violist and made it a trio), this was something that simply took shape after messing around with some scary samples.  A musical offering made by machines.  Enjoy…..

Skynet Quartet by hearjt